Santa Claus to make special flying visit
CUC's Children's Fund is joining forces with the Kiwanis Club to help spread the Christmas Cheer to Cayman's kids at the Santa Claus
Landing this coming weekend. Presenting the donation to Arie Barendrecht of the Kiwanis Club is Deborah Bergstrom of CUC in the
presence of Ruud van der Pluijm (Kiwanis) and Joey Ebanks (CUC).
THE children of Cayman will get a chance to watch Santa
“The sponsorship of the Santa Landing is extra special this
Claus arrive by airplane this Saturday (11 December ) when
year because we are utilizing funds donated to the CUC
he comes to visit at the Airport Park, across from Foster’s
Children’s Fund by colleagues and friends in memory of
Food Fair.
our late Line Manager, Jerry McRobb, who died tragically
Santa will be allowing pictures, and children waiting to
in July.
meet Santa Claus will be entertained with an expanded
“Mr McRobb loved the children of Cayman and put many
playground made up of a Merry-go-Round  and Bouncing
smiles on their faces when he served as the Company’s
mascot. Sparky, for the annual Batabano and Pirates Week
CUC’s Sparky and the Foster’s Food Fair clown will make
Float Parades. We feel that lending our support to this event
special guest appearances and present balloons to all
is a most fitting tribute to Mr. McRobb’s  memory,” added
Ms Thompson.
This is the 24th year that the Kiwanis Club has organized
Recognizing the importance of this special event for the
children following the devastating effects of Hurricane
this very special event for Cayman’s children and according
Ivan, companies such as CUC and KPMG dug deep into
to Ruud van der Pluijm, a very active member of the
their pockets to make the ‘Santa Landing’ a reality.
Kiwanis Club, “We expect the turnout to be great with over
The Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman is grateful to these
350 children lining up to have a one-on-one with Santa
two organisations for their contribution, and thanks Style
96.5 FM who will be broadcasting the event live and
It is rumoured that many moms will also have their photos
Oursecretagency for coordinating the advertisements.
taken with Santa as well. Santa will be visiting until 4:30
Remarking on CUC’s involvement,    Caren Thompson,
pm so all the kids should have an opportunity to chat with
Manager Corporate Communications, said, “CUC has
him and have their photos taken.”
always been involved in the staging of this important event,
For more information or to offer your support to this
but after tough times they have experienced since Hurricane
worthy cause, please call Arie Barendrecht of the Kiwanis
Ivan, the need to spread the Christmas Cheer among our
Club of Grand Cayman at 946-5656
children is even greater.
Source:  Cayman Net News 10 December 2004